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Contact us for quota and functional demo by calling 718-366-2155 or using "Web Request" link below. Please be aware, this system is quite complex and will require time to look into. In order to provide you with quota we would need to know some information about your company, number of listings you or your company maintains, number of real estate agents working for your company, number of offices or branches, how your real estate web site operates as well as other information.

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PRO5 System Enterprise mainly aimed for real estate companies with multiple offices / branches, but works very effectively for real estate company with single office location (for small RE companies, 3-5 agents or single person real estate operation, please contact us for PRO5 Light version).

To get a quick understanding what PRO5 Enterprise would do for your real estate firm, think of it as your own company's MLS. But MLS mainly is a listing database and internal listing search engine. Our system is much more than listings' database. Practically it's a complete Real Estate Company Virtual Office system to run your company daily operations and interactive tools for all agents in your company.

The functionality of PRO5 database system is very complex and requires at least 2 hours of in person meeting or telephone conference (full attention please, no interrupted phone calls!) to get a first level of understanding. Fully functional live demo of this database system is also available for qualified customers per individual request.

Main Functionality of PRO5 Enterprise System

Listing Manager Admin Level - Add, Edit seller & property information, maintain marketing progress notes.

Listing Manager Agent Level - add progress notes, showings, advertising records, offers on the property and more.

Listing Manager - more login levels for larger real estate broker firms depending on size of your company. Between Administrators and Sales Agents, there are Managers, Administrative Assistants and Vise-Presidents if apply. Each login account has its own level of functionality or access to company's information. In the process of setting up a new account, system can be adjusted at some degree to specific real estate company's needs.

Manage Open houses - couple of click and property will be show in a open house section on a public web site. Once the date of open house passed, this open house listing get removed from public web site automatically.

Buyer Records - Add, Edit buyers (also called "Contacts"). Buyers' leads get entered into the system manually and assigned / distributed to agents by Administrator, Managers or AAs (Administrative Assistants). Also buyers get entered into database automatically from web site and get assigned / distributed to listing agent automatically (this feature is quite complex to explain, you have to see it in auction).

Deal Card (Closing Records) - This module allows to "put together" corresponding Buyer-&-Seller as one record which called "Deal Cards". Ones you assign Buyer & Seller together (Listing status: pre-contract stage or "Offer Pending" or In Contract) system will track them as linked records. Deal Card records created automatically by system as a first step and can be edited manually to complete records (add Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, representing Agents, % of commissions distributed to participating parties).

Info Search - This is your own company's electronic phone book to keep records of Real Estate Attorneys, Real Estate Firms or Agents in your operating area. You can dynamically create unlimited new categories of different type of related vendors or service companies, for example: Carpet Installers, Plumbers, Roofers, General Contractors, Movers, Insurance companies and other real estate related service vendors.

Advertising Sources - is a flexible and dynamic way to track your advertising efforts. Administrators will enter advertising sources (for example: internet, local newspapers, other local media channels). Users (agents, AAs, managers) in its daily use of the system will indicate where this contact came from (Call-In, Walk-In, For Sale Sign or other ...) with an appropriate checkbox of advertising source. Over a time system will build up statistical reports of you advertising sources.

Marketing Engine - Automatic Flyer Production - This module will automatically produce flyers in a matter of minutes. User can select one or multiple listings by simply checking one or few checkboxes. User can select resulting file formats as: PDF (default), Word or HTML if you want to edit them manually.

Marketing Engine - Email Listing - you can select one listing or few for this particular buyer or general email and web posting advertising and system will email a link. Automatically generated web page of proposed property can be emailed as link to your buyer. And with little practice, you can even adapt this feature for internet marketing (craigslist.org for example) and post professionally looking web pages of your listing for internet marketing purposes in a matter of minutes. This will puts you ahead of your competition!

Marketing Engine Mail Merge Integration (in development) - this module will produce marketing letters as Word documents automatically. You just type or paste in the content of your marketing letter and search-and-select list of your prospects and system will generate well composed letters with your company letterhead, print names and contact information of each customer individually. This would be very timesaving automation tool to do mail-in marketing. Check us back for updates and development progress for this marketing mail merge module!

Public Web Site Integration - this real estate intranet system is fully integrated with company's public site and even WebMail services.

At The End - the list of modules or services presented here reflecting main functionality of this complex system, but in reality there are much more between. In order to make intelligent decision on how this system can benefit your particular real estate needs and operations, you have to invest some time looking into this. Please feel free talking to us 718-366-2155 or send your web request here:
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