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Web Development for Real Estate ...
Complete web design & development for Real Estate with custom IDX/RETS integration & interactive maps. Our web development product ranges from single Real Estate Agent web site, to web development of web site with back end Admin Panel for real estate broker's firm and to PRO5 Database System, world class Enterprise level back end system and intranet for real estate company with multiple offices and multiple front end web sites. Read More ...
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
... in short is a complex technique to get you web site on the top of search engine results.

Effective SEO Examples:
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Note: fligel.com & mindpit.com both our web sites.


IDX, RETS, MLS Implementation for Real Estate

We offer number of back end database products to run your real estate brokerage firm or office. This back end interface can be compared with Top Producers, nationally offered database system for realtors. But our PRO5-system is fully integrated with your company's public web site, which makes it more effective, but it sells for about 8 times less.

IDX / RETS / MLS data implementation with full integration of interactive searches on real estate company's web site.

Marketing Functions for Real Estate Web Site - we effectively setup and manage Data Feeds for real estate companies as marketing functions.
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New York, Queens Based Web Development

New York based (Queens) web development firm, experts in PHP/MySQL, specializing in web development of dynamic database driven web sites. Our web development projects are partial or full CMS with custom written Admin Panels tailored to specific client's needs.

We are very proficient in database related applications, data manipulations, front-to-back end integration and development of custom Admin Panels. Web design firms or freelancers are welcome to contact us for your web development and database related needs. We can assist you in consulting stage (even can consult your client) and handle database and back end integration for your project. We also provide hosting services or manage servers, provide WebMail @yourdomain services and handle SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work for existing or new web sites.

We handle all aspects of the web development project from client's initial contact or RFP (Request For Proposal) to following consultations, meetings or discussions on the phone as needed, project proposal writing, contract execution, production stages, visual design, HTML template, programing, client's training as needed, QA/testing, delivery and follow up.

Web or Graphic Designers - Welcome ...
If you are a web designer or graphic design studio and need help to handle any web development project please feel welcome to contact us. We are very proficient in any back end web development, server side programming, database design and implementation, managed hosting needs, server administration and corporate email processing. Our preferred web development platform: Linux servers, PHP and MySQL as database system.
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Digital Photography
Hawaii - August '08
Hawaii, North Oahu picture 2 Hawaii, North Oahu picture 2 Hawaii, North Oahu picture 3 Hawaii, North Oahu picture 4 Hawaii, North Oahu picture 5 Hawaii, North Oahu picture 6
Hawaii, North Oahu picture 7 Hawaii, North Oahu picture 8 Hawaii, North Oahu picture 9 Hawaii, North Oahu picture 10 Hawaii, North Oahu picture 11 Hawaii, North Oahu picture 12
Hawaii, North Oahu picture 13 Hawaii, main island Oahu picture 14 Hawaii, picture 15 Hawaii, Waikiki picture 16 Hawaii, Oahu island picture 17 Hawaii, Road to Hana - Black Beach 18
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Key West, Florida - March '08
Key West, Florida -  March '08
Key West, Florida - Bridge is Closed - B.O.'s Restaurant Key West, Florida - B.O.'s Restaurant - An Old Truck Key West, Florida - Sleeping Man Key West, Florida - Seabird in the Sunset Key West, Florida - Sunset View Key West, Florida - The Brick Wall and the Dry Root
Key West, Florida - Bridge is Closed - B.O.'s Restoran Key West, Florida - Bridge is Closed - B.O.'s Restoran Key West, Florida - Bridge is Closed - B.O.'s Restoran Key West, Florida - Bridge is Closed - B.O.'s Restoran Key West, Florida - Bridge is Closed - B.O.'s Restoran Key West, Florida - Bridge is Closed - B.O.'s Restoran
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